Precision dentistry redefined.

Biostek Dental Technologies - is a dental, clinical practice-based scientific project. Currently the priority of the project is advancement of the patented invention.
Patent № 2735984 (RU). PCT/RU2021/050015. USA - APPLICATION NUMBER: 18009768
"Method for constructing and displaying computer 3D-models of temporomandibular joints" - CFx method.
CFx method has already helped achieve planned treatment outcomes to more than 200 patients with diversified TMJ disorders in patients from various age groups. CFx is digital diagnostic sequential analysis of mandible movements.

СFx method will find its implementation in dentistry as a separate tool, or can be integrated in today's most common digital dental solutions as well.

Utilizing this method in clinical practice will allow:

- create high precision 3D-models of condyles of mandible and fossas of TMJ with thickness of contours of under 100 microns;

- precisely track the motion of condyles in articular fossas with mandible movements;

- set mandible in desired ideal treatment position and fabricate various dental restorations (fixed and removable prosthetics, splints, functional orthodontic appliances etc.);

- avoid distortions when utilizing commonly known auto-segmentation methods of СT.